Managed Web Services

Managing and running a successful website takes a lot more time and experience than ever.  With GCG Managed Web Services, you have a webmaster to help you continually improve and expand your online strategy.  You’ll have valuable support and insight for planning and building right at your side. We’ll keep your website up to date, implementing critical updates, “on the fly” design changes and continual SEO compliance so your customers only see you at your best.  When you need to make any changes we’re just a phone call or a support click away. Running an SEO, Adwords or Social Media campaign?  Managed Web Services is imperative for making changes and adjusting your strategy to keep up with keyword research and split testing. Web Services gives you the agility to make spontaneous changes based on market trends or business opportunities.

✓ Unlimited Visibility SEO

Without traffic, even the best website is like a billboard on a cornfield in the middle of Iowa.  Search engine results depend on some important on-site/off-site activities including key phrase strategy, link structure, quality content, social, mobile, video, etc. 

GCG relieves you of the hassle, simplifies the process and offers you an affordable, hands off solution to get you found online.